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Turmeric is regarded as the golden spice in India and the world. The use and benefits of turmeric has been written in our Vedas, more than 4000 years ago. It was from India, that this miraculous spice was traded across seas reaching South east Asia and later even the western civilization swore by this culinary and religious spice.

Susruta, the oldest scripture on medicine and Ayurveda also mentioned the use of turmeric for various medicinal purposes. It is still being used as a part of various herbal medications.

Turmeric is obtained from a tropical herbaceous plant in South Asia same as the plants belonging to the ginger family. It is obtained after grinding a dried rhizome to its yellow powder form. This powder contains a bioactive component called as Curcumin. It is this active ingredient that gives turmeric all its beneficial properties.

Some benefits of using Turmeric / Curcumin are:

  1. Anti-inflammatory – Inflammation is a defense mechanism by the body in response to a noxious stimulus. Short term inflammation is beneficial, however, when it becomes chronic long term or too aggressive, it can damage body’s own cells. Chronic inflammation can cause degenerative changes and any agent that reverses such harmful changes prevents cell death and further degeneration. Curcumin is strong anti-inflammatory agent; it acts on the inflammatory mediating molecule NFkb that is otherwise responsible to switch on the genes that lead to inflammation.This anti-inflammatory action of Curcumin, helps to combat neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s, inflammatory bowel disease, pancreatitis, and arthritis.

  1. Antioxidant Curcumin improves the systemic markers of oxidative stress and can increase the serum levels of antioxidants like superoxide dismutase and glutathione peroxidase. Along with this, it can also scavenge oxide and peroxide free radicals like Vitamin E. This property prevents aging and other free radical damage induced diseases like cancer, arthritis and heart ailments. This antioxidant activity of curcumin aids in liver detoxification and improving its health as well.

  1. Manages Heart diseases– It improves the functioning of blood vessels, control blood pressure and heart diseases. This is due to its effect on the endothetial lining of heart and vessels. The regulation of this endothetial function prevents diseases associated with blood vessels, blood clotting and stroke. Turmeric lowers the blood level of fats, LDL which are bad fats. This helps in controlling cholesterol and improving vessel and heart health.

  1. Controls Diabetes– Even though the studies are limited, but it has been shown that curcumin helps in controlling diabetes and diabetic nephropathy. This it does by controlling blood sugar and increasing insulin. It can also control diabetes by its anti-inflammatory effects and anti hyperglycemia effects.

  1. Anti-Depressant– Several studies and randomized control trials have shown that curcumin promotes brain function, increase neural activity and connections, promotes neurotrophic factors like BDNF, serotonin and dopamine that help in combating depression. Its affects have been shown to be similar to those of anti-depressants like Prozac.

  1. Boosts brain health and reduce neurodegenerative changes Curcumin is known to increase the levels of BDNF (brain derived neurotrophic factor), a brain growth factor which helps in neuron or nerve cell multiplication and increase in network connections. This hormone deficiency is linked to various brain degenerative changes causing diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, depression and slow brain damage. The hormone is also known for improving memory and cognitive development.

  1. Relieves Headaches Migraines and other forms of headache are usually aggravated by stress, lack of sleep, inflammation and many other factors. By decreasing oxidative stresses, increasing brain function hormones and its calming, soothing effect, curcumin has been shown to reduce these chronic headaches.

  1. Skin care– Due to its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial effects, curcumin boosts skin health and is an effect treatment for skin diseases like acne, eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis. It is mixed with several herbs to form topically applying packs and face washes for its beneficial use.

  1. Anti-Cancer– Curcumin interferes with the free radical damage of healthy cells and multiplication of cancer cells. Some studies claim that it also prevents angiogenesis in cancer tissues, preventing metastasis. By its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, it further avoids any predilection for cancer.

  1. Cures Osteoarthritis– Given that curcumin is an anti-inflammatory compound, it is safe to say that it prevents joint inflammation and improves mobility.

  1. Manages Digestion and irritable bowel disease– Turmeric can aid in healthy digestion and is given in Ayurveda as a digestive medicine. This is also because of its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant nature.

  1. Anti- Allergic– Turmeric and curcumin can fight against allergies like hay fever reducing symptoms like sneezing, itching, runny nose and congestion.Again due to its anti-inflammatory action, study have been done on asthma patients to use curcumin as a diet supplement. The studies are still underway.

Formulations of turmeric

  1. Turmeric can be taken added to spices while cooking. Combining turmeric with black pepper, pipericin, further enhances its properties
  2. Can be used as packs mixed with essential oils and milk for skin
  3. It can be added to milk- Golden latte or Turmeric latte, that can be consumed once a day for its benefits
  4. Also available as supplemental capsules, extracts and tinctures. It can be mixed with bromelain, an enzyme from pineapples that improves its absorption and elevates its effects.
  5. It is also available in oil preparations which are volatile but can be used topically.

Things to remember while using Turmeric-

  1. Blood thinners- it should not be taken with aspirin and other blood thinners. The reason is unclear.
  2. Stimulate contractions and initiate labor- Even though it has been seen that curcumin reduces the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, but in pregnant women, it has been shown to cause harmful effects.
  3. Increase stomach acidity- even though turmeric is good for digestion, but it can increase gastric acid secretion causing stomach irritation. It can also cause nausea and diarrhea

Turmeric with its active component curcumin has received worldwide recognition as a very beneficial compound, spice, herb, or medicine. It is rightfully called as the golden spice as it boosts immune system, fights infections, provides an overall health improvement and adds flavor to food and beverages. It can be used in alternative medicine or as even an additional treatment protocol for chronic diseases as it is well tolerated, extremely beneficial and easily washes off the system or metabolized.

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Secret for Anti-aging, Ever-youth with Biotin & Collagen https://9nature.com/secret-for-anti-aging/ https://9nature.com/secret-for-anti-aging/#respond Sun, 05 Apr 2020 11:08:07 +0000 http://staging.9nature.com/?p=1 The growing need for staying healthy and overall well being has also brought the demand for healthier skin and hair. The rising

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The growing need for staying healthy and overall well being has also brought the demand for healthier skin and hair. The rising pollution and sedentary lifestyle have paved the way for dry and dull skin, hair and low metabolism. Moreover, aging is one of the primary reasons why the skin loses elasticity or hair becomes thinner. We understand the increasing need for a natural secret for anti-aging.

Who doesn’t like beautiful shiny hair, radiant skin or strong nails? Who wouldn’t want to have the secret for anti-aging? The answer lies in the natural combination of biotin and collagen. It is known to promote healthy hair, rejuvenated skin, enhanced brows and lashes, strong muscles and alleviate joint pain.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of biotin and collagen.

Here are some of the healthy benefits of biotin and collagen

Biotin is a part of the complex B vitamins. It improves the health of hair and skin and metabolizes carbohydrates and fats in the body. It also assists in the proper functioning of the nervous system. On the other hand, collagen is a super protein helpful for the entire body. But it especially helps in maintaining the elasticity of the skin.

Helps in boosting skin health

As a person grows old, the outer skin layer or the epidermis starts to lose its elasticity. This process is known as elastosis, which leads to visible aging signs, fine lines, and wrinkles. However, it’s observed that biotin and collagen supplements help in rejuvenating the skin and lessening skin dryness and wrinkles.

The collagen supplements can help with increased skin elasticity, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles and less skin dryness. Moreover, the collagen supplements assist in stimulating the production of collagen in the body on its own. This helps in reducing the effects of wrinkles on the skin.

This is not it; the consumption of collagen may also lead to the promotion of other proteins in the body. This includes fibrillin and elastin. These proteins are useful for structuring the skin and keeping it revitalized.

Collagen also plays a pivotal role in making the skin strong, thereby boosting the overall health of the skin. As we age, the production of collagen in the body goes on decreasing. This, in turn, leads to wrinkle formation and dry skin, giving us major skin aging issues. Moreover, the deficiency of biotin may cause a number of skin conditions such as acne, rashes, psoriasis, and skin itchiness. The proper intake of biotin supplements will help in keeping the skin healthy and radiant.

Builds strong hair

Hair is made of the protein keratin and our body utilizes numerous amino acids to build keratin. Some of the keratin can be found in collagen. Collagen is also rich in amino acids that help in building keratin for hair. One of the common problems that we face is the damage of hair follicles. One of the main benefits of collagen is its antioxidant properties. It assists in fighting the damage caused by free radicals.

Our body needs antioxidants to fight free radicals and prevent the damage of hair follicles. Additionally, the lack of biotin in the body causes hair fall. So, the consumption of biotin in the right amount will help in keeping the hair stronger.

Collagen is an important protein for the overall health of the body. It also forms up to 70% of the dermis, which is the mid-layer of the skin. This is the layer that contains the root of every individual hair. Collagen helps in boosting the elasticity of the dermis and strengthens it. As we age, the body’s ability to produce collagen decreases, which leads to hair thinning over a period of time. Consumption of collagen supplements may help maintain the required amount of the protein in the body. This keeps the dermis healthy and prevent thinning of hair.

Keeps the nails healthier

One of the major proteins found in our nail beds is collagen. It helps our nails receive the right amount of protein and acts as the nail infrastructure. So, whenever our nails need more collagen, they become brittle and break off easily. The presence of amino acid arginine in collagen peptides carries nitric oxide. The nitric oxide travels through the capillaries and reaches the nail bed, feeding it right. Conclusively, this helps in promoting the growth and health of the nails. So, if the body is unable to produce enough collagen, the health of our nails suffer. However, if you consume collagen supplements, it can make your nails stronger by replacing discolored, brittle nails.

Helps alleviate joint pain

Cartilage in the body is the rubber-like tissue that helps in protecting the joints. As we age, the production of collagen decreases. This brings the risk of developing degenerative joint disorders. There are a few studies showing that intake of collagen supplements may assist in relieving osteoarthritis signs. It also helps in alleviating and reducing joint pain.

Moreover, collagen supplements help in the stimulation of collagen synthesis. It also reduces inflammation in the body. This, all in all, assist in promoting joint pain relief.

Collagen helps the bone and joint health the same way it assists in boosting the health of skin and hair. Getting the right amount of collagen helps alleviate joint pain signs and even osteoporosis.

It has been also seen that collagen supplements are helpful in increasing proteins and BMD levels in the body. This helps in stimulating the breakdown of bone in the body.

Assists in boosting muscle mass

The muscle tissue in the body is a product of collagen. The collagen in the body helps to keep the muscle functioning and strong. To boost muscle mass, it is important to maintain the collagen levels in the body. It is observed that people who lose skeletal muscle mass may benefit from collagen supplements.

There are researches suggesting that collagen can boost the synthesis of muscle proteins such as creatine. It also helps in stimulating the growth of muscle post osteoporosis.

Biotin and collagen also helps in

  • digestion
  • boosting hormone balance
  • promoting heart health and regulating blood sugar.

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Natural Weight Loss with Garcinia Cambogia & Green Coffee https://9nature.com/natural-weight-loss/ https://9nature.com/natural-weight-loss/#respond Fri, 03 Apr 2020 10:02:08 +0000 http://localhost/elegan/?p=1215 A balanced diet is a necessity. We require a diet that is packed with the right nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to make

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A balanced diet is a necessity. We require a diet that is packed with the right nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to make sure that we have a wholesome diet. Due to our sedentary lifestyle and busy work schedule, we might skip some meals, which is not recommended. This is the reason, we end up not having a balanced diet and lack some nutrients, which creates a nutritional gap. Lets discuss few of the weight loss catalyst.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract
Green Tea Extract
Green Coffee Bean Extract
Spirulina Powder
Apple Cider Extract

Benefits of Garcinia Cambogia
Helps in reducing your appetite. There are several studies that have found garcinia cambogia to be effective in suppressing the appetite and helps in making you feel full. Although the exact mechanism behind this benefit is yet to be found, there have been studies suggesting that there is an active ingredient in garcinia cambogia that assists in boosting the serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is known to be an appetite suppressant, which when in a higher amount in the blood could help in reducing the appetite.

Improves metabolism
If you have a slow metabolism and want to boost your metabolism, then a dietary supplement with garcinia cambogia extract will help in improving your metabolism. A faster metabolism simply means that you can attain your weight loss goals sooner, of course with the right dietary supplement. With increased metabolism, your body gets immediate energy and packs lesser calories into adipose fat.

Benefits of Green Tea
If you want to begin your day right, start it with drinking green tea! Green tea is one of the healthiest drinks. Loaded with nutrients and powerful antioxidants, green tea helps your health in numerous ways.

Helps in increasing fat burning
Nine out of ten people will recommend you have green tea if you are looking to lose weight. Green tea is known to have other properties such as fat-burning abilities and helps in boosting the metabolism rate. A study shows that the consumption of green tea assists in increasing the oxidization of fat by 17%, which simply means that it is a great choice for burning fat. Moreover, it has been seen that caffeine may have properties that help in improving physical performance by activating the fatty acids from the fat tissues and make them available for producing energy, thereby keeping you active.

Helps in improving cardiovascular health
Heart-related diseases including stroke are one of the main reasons for death across the globe. There are studies that show green tea to be an effective measure for improving some of the risk factors of cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, green tea also boosts the antioxidant carrying property of the blood. This stalls the oxidization of LDL particles, which is one of the reasons why heart disease occurs in the first place. Hence, it is not surprising to see that those who drink green tea have almost 30% less chances of getting a heart disease.

Some of the other benefits of green tea include-
# Lower risk of obesity and fat loss
# Lower risk of infection as it helps kill bacteria
# Lower risk of certain types of cancer due to its antioxidant properties
# Boost brain function

Benefits of Green Coffee Beans
Improves anti-aging signs
Green coffee beans are loaded with antioxidant properties that help with anti-aging symptoms. The coffee beans contain chlorogenic acid that assists in improving micro circulatory function and skin conditions. Moreover, it has been observed that consumption of green coffee beans reduces the trans epidermal water loss, thereby helping in decreasing the dryness of the skin and retains the skin’s hydration.

Helps in regulating blood pressure
There are several studies that show how consumption of green coffee beans helps in keeping the blood pressure under check. The chlorogenic acid in green coffee beans helps inhibit the formation of active cortisol. It is this hormone that is known to increase blood pressure levels. Moreover, having green coffee beans assists in improving the elasticity of arteries, which again helps in lowering the high blood pressure levels.

Helps in weight loss
Caffeine has shown great results when it comes to weight loss and fat burn. It is also a great dietary supplement for per-workout sessions. Green coffee can help in fighting obesity by lowering the accumulation of fat in the body. A study shows that using green coffee beans in a weight loss or dietary supplement is a great option and can show positive results.

Benefits of Spirulina
Spirulina is packed with nutrients and is incredibly healthy. It is a type of blue-green algae known as cyanobacteria that helps in reducing high blood sugar and keeping it under check, suppressing oxidization, and reducing high blood pressure.

Loaded with anti-inflammatory properties
Did you know that the oxidative damage harms cells and DNA in the body? It is this damage that causes chronic inflammation, which leads to numerous diseases. One of the best sources of antioxidants that help in protecting against the oxidative damage, thereby keeping serious illness at bay. The primary component of spirulina is phycocyanin, which gives these blue-green algae its color. This component is loaded with excellent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.

Helps improving endurance and muscle strength
Some studies prove that dietary supplements with spirulina help in building muscle strength and improving endurance. Muscle fatigue is mostly the cause of exercise-induced oxidative damage. Thanks to the fact that there are some plant foods that are helpful in repairing this damage due to their antioxidant properties.

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar
Packed with several benefits such as antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, apple cider vinegar also comes with various health benefits that include-

Helps in lowering high blood sugar levels
Apple cider vinegar assists in keeping diabetes under check. Type 2 diabetes is caused due to the body’s inability to produce insulin, which leads to high blood sugar levels. One of the most effective ways to lower blood sugar levels and keep it under check is to keep away sugar and refined carbs. There are several studies that prove apple cider vinegar having the property of improving insulin sensitivity by 19 to 34% during a meal containing high carbs. Moreover, another study shows that those with high blood sugar after consuming a tablespoon of apple cider before a meal, reduced fasting blood sugar by 4% the following morning. Hence, this proves that dietary supplements with apple cider vinegar help in lowering high blood sugar and keeps diabetes under control.

Boosts skin health
Did you know that apple cider vinegar is a common remedy for several skin conditions such as dry skin and eczema? In natural conditions, our skin is slightly acidic When we use topical apple cider vinegar on the skin, it can help in re-balancing the pH level of the skin, thereby enhancing the protective barrier of the skin. Additionally, apple cider vinegar is packed with antimicrobial properties and that is why using it may help in bettering the skin conditions including those with skin irritation.

Helps in aiding weight loss
A lot of studies show that using apple cider vinegar helps with weight loss. It assists in making you feel full, which will eventually make you eat lesser calories and thereby losing weight. Interestingly, a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar only contains about three calories. Moreover, there was a study conducted on 175 people with obesity. It was observed that a daily dose of apple cider vinegar led to weight loss and reduced belly fat. All in all, dietary supplements with apple cider vinegar would help in weight loss and contribute to reduced belly fat.

Apart from these health benefits, apple cider vinegar may also help in improving heart health and kill harmful bacteria, thereby preventing them from multiplying.  Additionally, apple cider vinegar-
# Lowers cholesterol
# Is a natural laxative, which helps in improving digestion
# Improves hair health
# Helps in reducing bloating
# Contains anti-aging properties

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Boost Endurance with Peruvian Ginseng (Maca Root) https://9nature.com/boost-endurance-with-peruvian-ginseng/ https://9nature.com/boost-endurance-with-peruvian-ginseng/#respond Wed, 01 Apr 2020 05:12:05 +0000 http://localhost/redux/?p=386 Missing the spark can be tricky to solve but not impossible! As per a recent study, around 31% of men and as

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Missing the spark can be tricky to solve but not impossible! As per a recent study, around 31% of men and as much as 43% of women experience sexual dysfunction, which may arise out of numerous reasons. Person stress is considered to be one of the main reasons for low sex drive. Moreover, anxiety coupled with other conditions such as erectile dysfunction may result in low libido and troubled sex life. From aging to menopause, birth control pills to trauma, negative sexual experiences can stem from numerous reasons. However, with the right balance of natural supplements, one can attain get back their sexual desire and experience improved sexual well being.  In this article, we will discuss about the ancient natural herbs to not only improve sexual drive but boost positive energy and uplift mood.  Boost Endurance with Peruvian Ginseng

Ginkgo Biloba
Maca Root

Ginkgo Biloba
Ginkgo Biloba is an ancient Chinese herb that primarily originates from China, Japan, and Korea. It is popularly referred to as “the oldest tree known to man” as it dates back to 200 million years and more. The tree sprouts fan-shaped leaves and comes with several therapeutic benefits, which are beneficial for treating a number of sexual health-related issues as well as boosting mental power.

Benefits of Ginkgo Biloba
Helps in improving sexual performance
With age, conditions of sexual dysfunction are natural. Some of the other factors also cause stress, which impacts the sexual lives of people. Consuming supplements with Ginkgo Biloba helps in improving the circulation of blood, thereby dilating the limited vessels. This helps in easing the symptoms of various conditions affecting sexual performance. Moreover, Ginkgo Biloba is effective in treating low libido and erectile dysfunction.

Helps in reducing PMS symptoms
Premenstrual symptoms (PMS) cause painful menstrual cramps, nausea, and backache. PMS can be extremely tough for women due to constant stomach cramps. Ginkgo Biloba is an effective herb that can help curb the PMS symptoms by reducing the inflammation in the body and soothing the pain, thereby providing comfort.

Helps in improving blood circulation
As we have mentioned before, Ginkgo Biloba is an ancient Chinese herb and as per Chinese tradition, it was used in opening the various energy channels of the organs of the body. Ginkgo is packed with nitric oxide that also helps in unblocking the restricted vessels, which assists in improving the blood circulation. This helps in keeping every heart disease under check. Moreover, the improved blood circulation is extremely helpful for the overall bodily function.

Packed with anti-inflammatory properties
One of the common responses of the body to foreign substances like viruses, bacteria or any other mutagens is inflammation. Inflammation is when the body reacts to such foreign substances and the immune system fights back causing the body to become swollen, reddened and hot. This is one of the symptoms of an infection. When the immunity of the body is low, one may suffer from an inflammation or infection. On the other hand, when the immune system is strong, the body can easily fight back the infection. Ginkgo Biloba helps in bringing down the inflammation, thereby easing the symptoms of a number of inflammatory diseases. Some of the inflammatory conditions are heart disease, arthritis, cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, to name a few.

Helps with treating depression and anxiety
Ginkgo Biloba is loaded with antioxidant properties that help in bringing down the stress levels. Thanks to these properties, which also helps in easing the symptoms of anxiety. Ginkgo assists in strengthening the person’s emotions by bringing down the stress and helping the person not get influenced by stress or daily pressures. The constant anxiety and stress cause depression and other related conditions, which may be extremely harmful to long-term, overall wellbeing. Packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, Ginkgo Biloba helps in treating depression and reducing stress and anxiety-related symptoms.

Maca Root
An important part of the Peruvian culture, maca root is also popularly known as Peruvian Ginseng due to its healing properties. With the benefits of boosting fertility in men, increasing stamina and reducing stress, 9Nature brings the vital blend of natural and herbal ingredients to improve performance and endurance.

Benefits of maca root
Here are some of the amazing advantages of maca root that you probably didn’t know about- Improving fertility and boosting testosterone levels
Since ancient times, maca root has been used by the natives of high Andes in Peru for boosting sexual health and fertility. As it is a traditional Peruvian Ginseng, maca root has properties that help in boosting the testosterone levels and improving fertility. As per a study in 2002, it was observed that consuming maca root helped around 40% of men with an increased virility. Moreover, maca root is known to assist in increasing the mobility, formation, and production of sperm in men. Boost Endurance with Peruvian Ginseng

Helps in improving prostate health
Prostate hyperplasia is a common health condition faced by men. It is a condition wherein the prostate gland gets enlarged. There are several studies that show how consumption of maca root helps in improving the condition of prostate health by reducing its enlargement. It has been believed that maca root can act on the receptors of androgen present in the prostate, which helps in curbing the hormonal binding, thereby keeping the prostate enlargement at bay.

Helps in reducing erectile dysfunction
According to a study published in 2009, it has been observed that maca root can be helpful for those with erectile dysfunction. As per the study, those men who consumed maca root extracts experienced a significant boost in their sexual health and well-being.

Assists in increasing fertility
Another excellent benefit of maca root is to help in increasing fertility, especially in men. As per a study conducted in 2016, it was observed that the intake of maca root extracts helps in increasing the quality of semen in both fertile and infertile men.

It is an energy booster
One of the main benefits of maca root is its impact on increasing energy levels, stamina, and mood. This particular advantage of maca root has been significantly recognized by many, including those in the field of athletics and sports as well. Maca helps in stabilizing the levels of blood sugar that helps in determining the energy levels. Moreover, maca root plays an important role in maintaining the adrenal health that assists in improving the mood and overall energy.

Helps in regulating hormones
Maca root is packed with amino acids that help in building all the components of hormones. With 20 amino acids loaded in maca root, 8 of these are important and essential amino acids that assist in the production of regulating hormones in men.

Helps in muscle building
Apart from performance-building and improving sexual health, maca root is also known to have immense muscle-building properties. Maca root is rich in bio-active proteins that help in promoting the growth of muscle naturally. With 18% of protein, maca root becomes one of the most popular supplements among athletes and bodybuilders. Additionally, it will also help in boosting endurance.

Excellent for bone health
Maca root is packed with iron, calcium, magnesium, silica, and potassium. These minerals help in keeping your bone stronger and keeping away any bone-related health conditions. One of the conditions such as Osteoporosis has often affected elderly people. As we grow old, the bone tissue and bone mass withers, which affects the overall bone health. Boost Endurance with Peruvian Ginseng

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